I Am Proud To Be A Real Estate Agent

by Patrick Liew on June 16, 2011

January 18, 2010

On a bi-monthly basis. I attend a networking lunch meeting with CEOs and usually, a Minister from the Cabinet. Other than the sharing by the Minister about recent trends, follow by a question-and-answer session, the program is generally free and easy.

When I attend these sessions or any other gatherings, it is very clear in my mind, I want to cultivate more mentors, mastermind group members, and friends. I believe my net worth is shaped by my network of friends and what I do with them.

I will also make use of every opportunity to let everybody know I am a real estate advisor. I want them to know I am proud and passionate to be an advisor. (I am not a ‘secret’ agent or ashamed to be one).

I believe it is my Creator’s calling for me to serve people for their real estate needs. I want to make sure I can do the best job.

Let me share with you what I did in one of the networking lunch meetings. I went around the room and distributed my business cards.

I tried to raise good issues and questions about real estate to both the Minister and the people around me to generate awareness about and interest towards, not myself but My HSR Family. Inevitably, I would slip in a few chosen words about My HSR, our Advisors and our listings.

I was also prepared for the usual questions, eg. “How’s the market?” I made sure I gave intelligent answers and offered possible investment actions so as to source qualified prospects.

At the end of that meeting, I found a prospective buyer who would eventually become a prospective seller. There were at least two high powered executives who were interested in My HSR projects.

I do not have a fixed or scheduled prospecting time. I prospect for real estate clients and potential agents to join My HSR (amongst even total strangers) anywhere, anytime and in any way possible to achieve the best results.

If I am proud and passionate about being an advisor, why should I not tell others about it.

Prospecting is therefore an integral part of me and my lifestyle. And I enjoy every single minute of it.

Are you proud and passionate about being a real estate advisor? Will you excel in your calling?

How will you share about your business with anybody, anywhere and at anytime?


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