It’s Time To Be Present

by Patrick Liew on January 9, 2017

The situation is not reality.

It’s what you focus upon that shapes your experience. This experience influences your reality.

It’s not just what you go through but what you are mindful about that influences your being.

Focus equals to life. In other words, what you focus upon is what you make of your life.

Focusing is galvanizing your intention, passion, thought and behavior into a deep and intense force.

Therefore, commit yourself to focus on a worthy target and for a worthy cause.

There is magic in the best of the “here and now.”

Be mindfulness and appreciate the beauty of life.

Seek to be enthralled by nature’s captivating masterpieces.

Catch the wonder around you with all your senses.

Wonders that no humans can reproduce and they are mostly within your reach.

Soak and indulge in the tapestry of colour, shape and hue.

Listen to the sounds in the air. Dance to the music of nature’s symphony.

Saviour the delicacy and exquisiteness in every bite of your food.

Enjoy the wonders of aroma around you.

Immerse yourself in the myriad of emotional showers.

Feel your heartbeat.

Embrace yourself at every moment.

Listen to the melody of your soul. Raise the melody to a rousing crescendo, rhyming
in sync with the symphony of life.

Be in touch with our Creator and praise Him for all the goodness within and around you.

Be present for every person you meet. Inspire him or her to greatness.

Live, love, learn and laugh at every given moment and to the fullest.

Express words and carry out deeds that can only give life.

Leave a trail of beauty and wonder.

To do so, change your focus, refocus or the non-essentials.

Create a radar screen to direct your mind and put things in perspective.

Keep your mind open and be acutely aware of what goes on within yourself and without.

Respond to relevant signals that will create positive outcomes.

Learning to focus on the most important “here and now” can change your life and shape your future.

Every moment is magic.

Savour it moment by moment.

Carpe Diem!


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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