It’s Time To Remove Negativity From Your Life.

by Patrick Liew on July 19, 2018

It’s Time To Remove Negativity From Your Life.

There was a guy who was about to jump off the Benjamin Sheares Bridge.

Fortunately, a friend happened to pass by and stopped him in the nick of time.

“Why? Why do you want to end your life?”

They discussed many issues for about half an hour.

Finally, both of them jumped off the bridge.

I have told this joke to initiate a dialogue about one of the worst diseases in society – negativity.

Why do I call negativity the worst disease?

Because any other disease can only destroy the body.

Negativity destroys the body, soul, and spirit.

Negativity is caused by making bad choices and undergoing their intended and unintended consequences.

It is also the result of responses to these consequences.

In addition, negativity also includes being influenced by unhealthy emotions such as fear, anger, and anxiety.

Negativity can grip the heart. It can paralyze the mind.

Create handicaps and prevent you from living the best of life.

Unfortunately, there is a dark cloud of negativity looming over many areas of society. It is almost pervasive in our life.

Negativity can be found in the mass media, including many social media sites and online forums.

Negativity very often dominates thoughts, words, and actions.

Negativity can consciously or unconsciously cause a cascading effect that can affect your well-being, lifestyle, and endeavors.

And influence your family, workplace, team, and community.

Before negativity becomes a tsunami of harm, start turning back the tide and flood your life with positiveness.

Positiveness starts with you and me.

How you see the world will oftentimes determine what the world will be to you.

If you think negatively, you are inclined to be negative. When you think positively, you will have positive outcomes.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the two persons who look out of the same window. One person saw a beautiful moon, the other saw mud.

If you give a donut to the same two persons, one will see the doughnut, the other will see the hole.

The same two persons can be caught in darkness.

One will complain about the darkness while the other will light a candle and lead others out of darkness.

Which person do you choose to be?

Fighting Negativity – Part 2

There are many ways to respond to negativity.

For example, one can flee from negativity, freeze in the face of negativity, or flip-flop in fighting negativity.

The appropriate response is to face up to negativity and fight it.

Learn lessons from negativity and keep strengthening yourself until you can take the flight to a live a positive life.

Sadly, there are many who respond to negative inputs by generating negative thoughts and dwelling on them.

Some will even allow these thoughts to take up permanent residency in their beings.

When they do not respond positively and choose to immerse themselves in negativity, a seed will be planted in their hearts and minds.

Negativity germinates and grows through negative thoughts, feelings, words, and action.

In the process of living, many continue to unwittingly provide food and nourishment to the seed of negativity.

Soon, the seed will take roots.

Over time, if left unchecked, the seed of negativity can grow to become a demon.

It will gradually eat into the body, soul, and spirit.

Negative thoughts produce negative emotions.

In the same way, negative emotions contribute to negative thoughts.

They feed on each other as they roll down the slippery slope and unleash a reign of unhappiness and destruction.

The good news is that anybody, including you, can change your mind.

You can remove negative inputs and redesign your thought patterns.

As you develop new mental processes, you can rewire the neural pathways in your brain.

As a result, you can change even your habitual thought patterns.

Generate more positive emotions and live a better quality of life.

Fighting Negativity – Part 3

I have developed what I called the four-step “T.R.A.P.” process to help you remove negativity from your life.

Step 1. T – Thoughts

As they say, prevention is better than cure.

The best way to stop negative thoughts is to prevent it from getting into your mind – right at the beginning.

Remember, negativity can grow in intensity and strength.

Therefore, think of different ways to stop poison of negativity, including unhealthy worry, fear and anxiety from seeping into your mind.

Don’t allow anything negative to have the slightest chance to get into your being.

Explore root causes for negative thoughts and various options to resolve and remove them.

Confront every negative thought.

Make a commitment that you’ll never let it grow to become a major challenge in life.

Never entertain a negative thought and allow it to be entrenched in your being.

2. R – Results

Negativity cannot control and affect you permanently.

It is not perpetual or universal, and neither is it terminal.

At any point in time, you can stop the downtrend spiral of negativity. You can also reverse its impact on your life.

To do that, you need to face up to the truth. You need to realize how negativity can potentially destroy you.

Reflect on how negativity can also affect your loved ones, career, and the environment.

Imagine the possible pain and sorrow if you allow negativity to take control of your life.

Then ask yourself, is that what you want to go through in life?

3. A – Argument

A good way to develop a positive mental habit is not to run away from a negative thought or pretend it does not exist.

Reason with yourself on how negativity can potentially destroy you.

Challenge lies, half-truths, and distorted information about the consequences of entertaining a negative thought.

For example, stop thinking, “Why is life so unfair to you because you don’t have enough money?”

Instead, ask yourself, “Life is good. How can I earn more money?”

Affirm to yourself that entertaining negative thoughts and feelings are foolish, damaging, and destructive.

Debate with yourself and turn every negative thought into a positive thought.

Turn every negative thought into a proactive action to make something good out of it.

Reflect on how you can transform emotional pain into an overall gain for life.

Instead of allowing negativity to become destructive, turn it into a constructive experience.

Respond proactively and develop solutions to overcome negativity.

Challenge negative ways of thinking.

Ask yourself, “What is the truth about the subject that I am thinking about? How did I develop this thought?

“How does this thought affect me? How do I feel about it?

“How does it influence my life? How will it impact my loved ones?

“How can I replace this thought with a positive one? How can I renew my mind so as to achieve positive outcomes?”

By disputing against negative thoughts, it lowers your belief in it.

The more you confront and challenge negative thoughts, the more motivated you will become in protecting your mind.

With each success, it enhances your proficiency in removing other negative thoughts from your life.

As you minimize negative thought patterns, you will strengthen your position to develop positive thoughts.

4. P – Progress

Negativity abhors a mental vacuum.

It is not good enough to remove negativity.

After you have done that, fill your mind with positive thoughts, emotions, words, and actions.

If not, negativity will return back to your mind.

It’s not good enough to aim to be positive.

You need to “force feed’ yourself with all things that are positive.

Let only positive inputs through your five senses.

Make sure that whatever you see, hear, feel, taste, and the smell is positive.

For example, carry a positive book with you all the times.

In your free time, read positive words so as to fill your mind with the best of thoughts.

Be committed to solicit feedback and pursue wisdom to help you improve and become a better person.

Discipline yourself until positivity becomes a vital, integral, and desired part of your life.

Continue to find ways to plot your progress in life.

Look at ways to reinvent yourself so as to achieve quantum leaps of improvement.

Re-engineer your lifestyle to achieve better results.

As you continue to apply the “T.R.A.P.” process, find new and better ways to free yourself from negativity.

Then, soar to your desired dreams on the winds of positiveness.

Our Creator wants you to be released from negativity so that you can be truly free.

If you allow Him, He will stand by and fight the battle for you.

He can turn every negative experience into an experience of emotional and spiritual growth.

There is an eagle in you that wants to soar and there is a pig that wants to wallow in the mud.

Will you let the eagle or the pig take control of your life?

Start living a positive life from now.

Will you join me in a revolution against negativity?


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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