Journey Of Life

by Patrick Liew on September 12, 2013

Journey Of Life.

Once upon a time, a spirit came to earth.

Knowing the potential to be great and wanting to fulfill a noble cause, he went looking for a vehicle.

After finding one, he jumped into it and drove off. Not for a moment did he refer to the owner’s manual and follow the driving instructions.

Even though the vehicle was fitted with a GPS, it was never used. On and on the spirit drove the vehicle until he got tired and that was when he found a driver.

The driver was never told what to do and where to go to. All he did was to keep driving and to regret about the past, wishing that the future would be different.

Over time, the poorly maintained vehicle deteriorated. The parts started to give way but still nothing was done to overhaul it and to return it to its proper condition.

Towards the end of a journey to nowhere, the car finally broke down. The driver became redundant and was not of any use anymore.

The spirit looked back to a wasted life. There was nothing to look forward to as time had ran out on him.

That spirit can very well  be you.

The car is your body. You can live a life of blazing glory if you live by the purpose, plan and guidance of our Creator.

The driver represents your knowledge, attitude, skills and habits (KASH). If you do not continue to upgrade and improve on them, they will become irrelevant and redundant.

You have a chance to start the journey right at any point in your life and finish well.

Start now!


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


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