Learnathon 2013 – Part 7

by Patrick Liew on November 22, 2013

‘How To Be Rich And Wealthy’ Seminar – A Win-Win Fund Raising Project For Victims Of The Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

2 December 2013 (Monday), 7:00 - 11.00pm

The button has been pressed. The battle has begun.

We fight for lives that are thirsty, hungry, and sick in Philippines.

We charged for those who are suffering, and dying.

As humans, we have to let them know they do not stand alone – even though we are not physically there.

1. Volunteers.

We had our inaugural meeting on Thursday, 21 November, 7.30 -10.00pm.  There were 50 good-hearted, enthusiastic heroes and heroines in the room.

They have committed to working very hard to recruit more volunteers, doing e-blasts, promoting the event, and selling tickets to their friends.

They also bought a Learnathon 2013 Tee shirt for $10. Yes, they have to pay for attending the seminar and and any back-end products and services.

Why? Gross (100%) proceeds will go to ground zero at Philippines through Mercy Relief, an IPC-registered non-profit.

2. Great Surprises.

A kind donor covered major expenses.

Fabian Lim, our speaker paid for 100 tickets. In his words, “Rangers lead the way…”

The board of trustees sponsored Shine Auditorium to support our cause. I don’t take their trust on us  lightly.

Printing of tickets were sponsored by RPI.

Eventbrite will not charge us for bookings.

As I’m writing, there’s a growing number of great souls standing with and behind us. Thank you.

3. Good News!

Good News!

Every attendee will get a free ticket at Learnathon 2013 to attend a 3-Day course conducted by world reknowned wealth-creator, Mr
T Harv Eker in Singapore. https://www.srpl.net

Learnathon 2013 has become the best-valued seminar in town.

Thank you Richard Tan, my business partner and long suffering friend for breaking the piggy bank.

What can I say? It’s the price of friendship with me. Lol!

4. Guest of Honour

When Mr Zainudin Nordin, Member of Parliament, Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC accepted our invitation to be the Guest of Honour (GOH) for Learnathon 2013, I was very happy.

In Singapore, when you have an MP joining you for an event, it’s such a great honour. It lends prestige and credibility to the event.

Somehow we know that he/she is an
honourable person. A person of depth, integrity, and good character.

Mr Nordin has requested for me to meet him shortly.

I’m sure I’ll be grilled about how we are running the event. It’s worst than taking my post-grad exams.

5. Ulterior Motives.

I finally told the volunteers my ulterior motives for initiating Learnathon 2013.

Best-kept secret. Please keep it confidential. Ssshhh!

I hope Learnathon 2013 will inspire one and all to continue to give back to society.

I’ll be calling them to join me in various initiatives so that they can serve humanity on a regular basis.

6. Confession Time – I Am Scared.

For the first time in my life, or perhaps for the umteenth time, I’m frightened to the core.

As I lead the group of great souls, I’m breaking into cold sweat.

Ok I’m scared.

We are facing a headwind in trying to fill the Auditorum.

The runway is very short.

Meanwhile, I can feel the pain. I can hear cries of sorrow from my Filipino brothers and sisters.

We need more volunteers.

We need more participants.

We need you.

Join us now. Thank you.


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