Learnathon 2013 – Part 8.

by Patrick Liew on November 25, 2013

‘How To Be Rich And Wealthy’ Seminar – A Win-Win Fund Raising Project For Victims Of The Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

2 December 2013 (Monday), 7:00 - 11.00pm, Shine Auditorium, 100 Beach Road, #03-01, Shaw Tower, Singapore 189702

The battle has begun. We have dug in the trenches and are mounting a frontal attack right now.

We’re fighting against time.

Every minute wasted, some of our Filipino brothers and sisters would suffer unnecessarily.

One more life could be lost and we cannot allow it.

We have only 9 days left to ‘D’ day. It’s an uphill battle.

I wish I can hold back Father Time.

The enemies are invisible. They’re everywhere, telling us why the project will crash.

We have to fill up a beautiful auditorium and responses are just beginning to trickle in.

Somehow, as an entrepreneur, I know the auditorium will be filled.

We have a dream. A worthwhile dream.

Our dream will become a reality.

Together, we will learn from 6 of the top wealth-creation gurus. We will learn an important life skill, wealth creation skill to set us on the path to true financial freedom.

At the same time, together, we will save lives.

We will make a positive difference to survivors of the cruel typhoon.

Why am I so confident?

Please note what we have achieved, all within a short period of time.

1. Humans At Their Best.

We have no office. No full time Secretariat.

No staff. No furniture, fixtures, and fittings.

But we have the ingenuity of humankind. A mindset attuned to possibilities.

An indomitable spirit. A team that is unstoppable.

Watch out world!

2. Armed To The Max.

Since I wrote the blog, ‘I Can’t Sleep’ on 12 November 2013, an army of volunteers has joined me.

Within 11 days, we have:

a. An online booking and donation system

b. A Blog

c. A Facebook

d. A wide array of resources

We have promotion resources for Email, Tweeter, SMS, WhatsApp, Social media banners, Facebook, Video, and QR Code.

In other words, we have everything we need to kick up a viral storm.

3. Press Release.

We have sent the first round of news releases. We are confident of generating positive publicity.

4. Partners.

We are negotiating with online warriors, sponsors, bulk purchasers, and different parties to help us make Learnathon 2013 a huge success.

5. Good News – Learnathon 2013 is going ‘Global’…

This morning while we were sleeping, we received a donation of S$680 from – guess where?

Drum roll please….all the way from Dubai. The donation was raised during an event organized by Singapore Business Council at UAE.

All its members have also received an email to inform them about Learnathon 2013.

6. Viral Marketing.

The button has been pressed.

More than 1.1 million eyeballs are expected to see our well crafted e-blast shortly.

Sshhh! We have even technology to go around fire walls and escaped from being trashed.

For a good donation, we will show you where to get hold of such resources. Ha!

We are working overtime now but it’s worth it.

We do it to bring the finest wealth-creation education to you.

We do it for our fellow humans in Philippines.

Please join us.

Click the following link now.


Thank you.

patrick liew


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