Living Like Water

by Patrick Liew on January 22, 2012

As I celebrate the Lunar Year of the Water Dragon, I reflected upon the virtues of water.

Water can take on different shapes, states and sizes. It can also help me emote different senses and sensations. There is not another element that can be hot or cold, be still or flowing, and ascend to the sky and descend to the depths of earth.

Water is an essence of life. Without it, all life forms cease to exist. Planet Earth may not sustain itself.

To live life is to be like water. The way of success is a reflection of the way of water.

Water cleanses and purifies. In the same way, I need to search my soul and be true to myself. I need to bring out the best from myself and to live life at its best.

To do so, I need to calm my mind and be focused. Just as reflections from water cannot be clear if it is stirred and muddied, I need to be still to seek the wisdom of life.

Water is unstoppable. Any obstacle that stands in the way cannot stand in the way over time. Water will find the way to its destination.

Water influences life. It is at the same time meek and powerful, soft and strong. It can be gentle and submissive and yet, it can move mountains and change the environment.

Water gives life. It flows across the land and down to the lowest depths, bringing forth and sustaining life.

Water satisfies us like no other food. It is one of the most potent unclassified medicine for health and overall well being. As a way to transport goods and services, it is vital to the economy and society.

Like water, I aim to give the gift of life by inspiring and blessing others. I will not live the best of life if I do not reach out to the least among us, the poor, the needy, and the disadvantaged.

Flow on my friend, my friend, and be a life-giver.

May the Lunar Year of the Water Dragon be the start of the best years in your life. Overflowing abundance of blessings be upon you. All your dreams and heart’s desires be fulfilled. La Dolce Vita be yours throughout eternity.

Gong Xi Fatt Cai!

Patrick Liew


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