Writing For Life

by Patrick Liew on June 4, 2012

Rene Descartes was famously quoted for the philosophical statement, Cogito ergo sum which means I think. Therefore, I am.

I like to rephrase these words and apply them in a different context, Scribo ergo sum. It means I …write. Therefore, I am.

I have learned a long time ago that I am not smart. When my mind is unclear, I need to pen my thoughts. Sometimes, I wonder if these words were crafted by my mind or is my mind shaped by my thoughts. I suppose it’s a combination of both factors.

As I write, my mind would sort out my thoughts and my thoughts would sort out my mind. It helped me formulate new ideas, concepts and framework.

Therefore I write. I write when I need to plan or to do something important. I also write when I can’t sleep in the wee hours of the morning – like right now.

Since I was a kid, I have been keeping a diary. It has become one of my closest and most treasured companion.

When I had my first serious crush in school, I lend the diary to my girlfriend to show her that I valued her and wanted to share my life with her. When we parted ways, she broke my heart a second time by throwing my diary away.

That almost killed my desire to journal my life experiences. Fortunately, after awhile, I started to write again – until I almost hit a wall.

In the past, I would leave my diary very much in the open and never under lock and key. One evening, over dinner, I almost fell off my chair when my daughter recounted some of my past experiences. That was when I discovered she has been reading my diary – and she was no longer a ‘baby girl’.

Initially, I would capture the happenings in words. Then, I started to reflect about their meanings and significance. When I was much older, I started to conceptualise my philosophy and mindset – and to also ensure that my mind is never wrongly set.

Much later, I discovered New Media, including of course – Facebook. I could bounce my thoughts and collect free-of-charge feedback and suggestions. Journaling took on a different meaning and if I may add, a different depth and level.

As a 200 year-old dinosaur (T-Rex species), I have tried to live as transparently as I can by stripping my mind naked. Against many cautions, I made myself vulnerable through my words, including my less-than-desired command of the English language and carelessness in spotting and correcting typographical errors.

Obviously, some people have abused my trust and used my words against me. Others have taken my words at face value and even out of context.

They failed to recognize that my journal is not a part of my social compact. They were but words coming from an evolving mind and my thoughts continue to change with new information and other considerations.

Journaling have helped to fine tune my presuppositions and worldview. They helped to craft mental maps so that I can better track through the terrains of life – although I am mindful that they may be wrong and have to be updated over time.

Through reflections, it has helped me to think through past experiences. I have learned that every one of them happened for a reason and purpose, adding new meanings and significance to my life. They are like lamposts that helped me travel through the highways of life.

These experiences include the painful ones. Looking back, these are some of the best learning and life-changing experiences, and turning points in my life.

In the process, I went through a healing process and came to terms with past events. It brought peace to my heart and helped me reach out to others as they go through similar and other situations and challenges.

As I endeavour to capture the highlights in my life, I realized that miracles happen every day – if I look out for and are mindful about them. I am more grateful and thankful to our Creator for being alive and for all the beautiful moments that add colour and spices to the tapestry of life.

Through the Internet, I found a 24/7 friend that can help me bridge and build relationships. I can engage my family members, friends and colleagues and build a stronger bond with them.

In my heart of hearts, I hope one day, my daughters, nephews and nieces will go through my innermost thoughts. They will avoid my follies and foolishness and not repeat my fears and failures. Prayerfully, they will find some nuggets of wisdom – purified hopefully through the crucibles of life – that can help them go farther and faster in the journey to reach their stars.

In writing, I hope to use my Barnabas gifting to inspire others to greatness. This is also to fulfill a prophesy that was delivered by an American-born Korean who told me, “You are called to be #2 – to help others to become #1.

So, my fellow travelers, how can I use my words to help you win the wonderful game of life?

I hope this message will find a place in your heart.


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