Living Simply For The Best

by Patrick Liew on August 27, 2011

I want to be a simple man because simplicity is a key to happiness and success.

Years ago, I had a diamond-studded Rolex watch. One day after a swim at the club, I showered and left my watch in the soap box.

I came out of the toilet to comb my hair. When I turned around to get my watch, it was gone. That made me unhappy for a while.

Another time, I lost a pair of designer’s leather boots that meant a lot to me. It left me upset for a period of time.

I realized if I do not have these expensive belongings and feel attached to it, I can be a happier person.

I will be able to better focus on more meaningful and fulfilling pursuits.

Too often, I over-complicated my life. I lived by things that did not add real and sustainable values.

I bought into the falsehood perpetuated by the advertisements of a materialistic world.

I ended up pursuing “stuffs” that gave me a temporary sense of happiness but left me feeling empty inside.

To make matters worse, it could have made me vain, greedy and discontented.

I was not any wiser or better when I accumulated more and more possessions and toys around me.

I came with nothing and will leave with nothing, why do I need more “stuffs”?

I decided to live a simple life.

I gave away many expensive belongings to my friends. I feel happier when they are touched by my gifts.

I learned to live simply; spend less money, buy less things, and give more of myself to what really matters.

I wanted to devote myself to serving our Creator, my family, my company, my friends, and our planet.

When I live a simple life (I don’t even have a watch) and have less baggages to carry, I feel I can run better, easier and faster in my real estate practice.

I want to devote myself to living for others. By living simply, I can achieve better results for others.

Living simply makes me a happier person.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


Question: How can we live a simple life?


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