Living With Passion

by Patrick Liew on October 13, 2019

What drives champions? Passion.

Passion is the essence of life.

Passion is the starting point to living a life of purpose, significance and fulfilment.

Passion is the generator that powers you with energy, vitality and dynamism on the journey of life.

Passion can turn impossibilities into possibilities. It can move you to achieve your highest calling.

Passion can lead you to magical times of life. It can also help you stretch every moment and savour it, moment by moment.

The reason is because passion, joy and happiness are close cousins.

They usually travel through thick and thin of life together.

Passion is the fire in your soul.

It can help you burn a trail and leave a track record of blazing glory.

That’s why if you cannot find passion in what you do, there is no reason why your body should be in it.

The lack of passion will eventually suck every bit of life from you.

Hence, ensure that you sleep and jump out of bed with passion.

Without passion, you are dead but not buried. You are alive but you may not be living life.

You don’t need to search for passion out there in the world.

Our Creator has already placed passion in your heart and being.

While growing up, the world might have cruelly tried to extinguish the fire inside you but still, a spark of passion would remain.

Fan the flame and reignite the fire.

People might try to crush it but they couldn’t because it’s the essence of life.

Fire it up and add to it the fuel of dreams, values and perseverance.

And fan it with imagination, learning and discipline.

Passion is the genesis of living a life that is truly worth the living.



I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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