Loving Myself, Building My Future (Part 2)

by Patrick Liew on October 3, 2011

Whenever possible, I would like to find out about other people’s childhood experiences. I would always be fascinated by what they shared with me.

Sad to say, I would usually be more excited about their childhood and lives.

I wished I could have the liberty and the chance to share with them why they should be proud of and thankful for their lives.

I should love everything that has happened in my life, including the most painful experiences and darkest moments. They should do the same too.

If I do not love my past, how can I build on it for a better future? If I cannot love myself, I cannot expect anyone else to love me.

If I don’t have love, I cannot share it with others. When I realised I always have love inside me and if I share it with others, I can impact their lives.

As I have loved others, I will be able to access the infinite reservoir of love that our Creator has given to us.

There are many more commonsensical reasons to love myself. But of course, common sense has oftentimes become uncommon.

I am a special edition of one. There is no extra copy of me – no pirate copy – nor will there ever be a perfect clone of me.

There is not a single person in the whole wide world – in time past and eternity – that is like me and has gone through my experiences.

Nobody has the same space, time, energy and materials as me. Nobody can think, speak and act like me.

Over the years, what I have gone through has helped me to learn many lessons. I believe these assets have added value to my life and they can be used to help others too.

If for nothing else, I can encourage them by sharing with them about my failures. Funny enough, my setbacks have somehow inspired me and more people than my successes.

The more I think about it, the more I realise I can do so much more for the people and the world near me – and I can probably do it better than anyone else.

Can you now understand why I believe I am wonderfully created by our Creator?

The greatest scientists in the world cannot develop anything that is remotely similar to me. The best computers cannot perform like my brain.

All the latest advancements in medical and life sciences cannot replicate the workings in my body, mind and spirit.

More likely than not, nobody will ever be able to explain to you about me and what made me the person I am.

I am one of the greatest blessings that has happened and will ever happen to my life. Nothing should make me think otherwise, especially if I endeavour to live a good life.

I have learned from the experiences in my life that our Creator has always been there for me, knows everything about me, and can help me do any good thing.

Our Creator has been there from the moment I was in my mother’s womb until now, and He will always be there for me. He knows my darkest secrets, including my deepest pain and sorrow.

He walks through every experience with me and at times, even shed tears for me. He was there leading and cheering for me at every given moment in my life.

Why then did He allow me to go through the pits of life?

If He doesn’t, He would have to treat me like a piece of machinery or a robot, and do everything for me. Like muscles that have not been put to good use, I will become and might as well be a vegetable.

Our Creator wants me to love myself and to love others just as I love myself. He has the best plan for me and He wants me to play at the highest level in the game of life.

That’s why I should love myself because He first loved me.

Want some more reasons? I have to love myself as a way to repay my gratitude to many people who loved and cared for me throughout my life.

I don’t know about you. I can certainly give you a long list of people who stood by me.

The list includes my parents, my relatives, many teachers and friends, and a lot of other people – some of them I have met for only a short period of time.

Just as importantly, I need to love myself because that’s one of the best things I can do for my spouse, children, partners, colleagues and friends.

You do want me to love myself, don’t you? Otherwise, I will be a pain to you and society. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

Common sense, isn’t it?

Now, let me see, how else can I love myself?


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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Please read them and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!


Question: How can we love our past and build on it to live a better life?



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