My Friend, Khun Viroj Tangjetanaporn

by Patrick Liew on October 18, 2016

It’s a joy to spend time with Viroj again.

I first met Viroj in 1986. At that point, I was looking after the business development operation in the region for Dow Jones Telerate.

While looking for someone to head up our Bangkok operation, I was assigned to hold the fort. It was one of the more exciting overseas postings in my entrepreneurial journey.

That was when I first fell in love with Thailand and its beautiful people.

I also had my first brush with Muay Thai, a martial arts of Thailand that I learned but never mastered at a later stage of my life.

Still, I’ll win any fight 🙂

When my enemies look at my deadly – or should I say dreadful – moves, they will… laugh to death.

I digressed, what’s new?

I had the honour of welcoming Viroj to our company after his stint in another firm.

For a period of time, I orientated and coached him on how to run and grow the business.

We were both young men then and we had remained young until today 🙂

Age in this case is not measured chronologically. It’s about the spirit to fight for a better life and a brighter future.

Over the years, we have maintained contact with one another – from being bachelors to becoming fathers and to looking forward to help the next generation in the family.

I have watched Viroj move up the career ladder to head up some of the largest business operations in Thailand.

Eventually, like me, he became an entrepreneur and went on to make many conquests in the business world, far surpassing me in terms of results and achievements.

As a teacher, there’s no greater joy than to see your students learn and know more and do better than you. And then for the teacher to learn from the students.

That will always be a driving factor to determine my motives, means and ends for influencing, mentoring and shaping more lives – now and in the future.

To rephrase the words of Robert Louis Stevenson;

We are all teachers in the wilderness of knowledge, and the best we can find in our travels is a learner that is committed to improving and achieving better results.

I want to be that teacher and learner at the same time.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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