My HSR Salesperson Tip # 103

by Patrick Liew on October 25, 2011

Maximise Your List Of Exclusive Listings And Sellers

If the market becomes a buyer market, many salespersons will be less motivated to get listings and will neglect their sellers.

This is the best of times to get as many exclusives as possible and to expand your database of sellers. With more listings, you will increase your chances of a sale.

Sellers are also more realistic and willing to come to the table. It is easier to close more sales.

Sellers will be more desperate to work with professionals than ever before. They are willing to pay even more for your service.

When the market improves, you will be the indisputable champion because of your dominant share of listings.

Make full use of ‘My HSR Sole Agency Marketing (SAM) Plan’ to help you achieve success.

Think:  How can I have the most number of marketable listings and motivated sellers?

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