My HSR Salesperson Tip # 106

by Patrick Liew on October 28, 2011

Close With Urgency

The good news is, this is the best of times to close sales and to do so in a faster way.

During times of uncertainties, it is easier to convince both sellers and buyers to be realistic, compromise, and take actions immediately.

There are always enough reasons for buyers to believe prices may increase. On the other hand, there are also just as many reasons for sellers to think that prices will come down.

Your job as an salesperson is not to pretend you have got special insider information or you are an expert. You cannot predict the future and will never know the outcomes of any changes in the industry.

You are responsible for sharing with your clients’ material information, including information that can lead to worst case scenarios. Your clients will have to make their own decisions – and to decide fast before the market turns against them.

Your closing rate during major changes should always be higher. It can help you achieve record sales and income.

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Think: How can I close sales in a faster, easier and better way?

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