My HSR Salesperson Tip # 108

by Patrick Liew on October 30, 2011

Ask Yourself Quality Questions

The quality of your life depends on the quantity and quality of questions you ask yourself. When you ask yourself positive questions, you will find positive answers that can help you achieve success.

How can I be positive and proactive all the time?

How can I attend more trainings to help me become a real estate champion?

How can I grab ALL the desperate sellers?

How can I grab ALL the motivated sellers?

How can I sell the urgency to buy/sell NOW?

How can I earn the highest commission rates?

How can I enhance my personal branding so that clients will chase after me?

How can I leverage on My HSR Branding and resources?

How can I capitalize on infocommunication technology to boost my business?

How can I use My HSR’s marketing weapons to dominate the market?

How can I enjoy a continuous and growing flow of references, referrals and repeated businesses?

How can I provide the best service so that clients will use my service and refer businesses to me?

How can I live a balanced life – physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually?

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