Networking Effectively

by Patrick Liew on July 7, 2011

Recently, I agreed to attend a lunch time meeting because I have reasons to believe I can learn from its proceedings.

In addition, I wanted to network with the attendees who could be potential clients. They were also people I loved to have in my circle of friends.

I arrived early because I have found that being prepared was an important foundation for effective networking.

I took a ‘peep’ at the list of attendees so that I could decide who I would love to meet during the limited period of time.

As opposed to some people, I was not shy to move around and introduce myself. I aimed to be useful and to add values in my conversations.

Inevitably, people would ask me for my views about the property market. My mind would be all set for this moment.

I have done my homework and was therefore able to create a positive impression.

I am happy to have more friends by attending different meetings, including unplanned ones. On many of such occasions, I would come out of the meeting with a list of prospective clients.

Effective networking expands my network of friends. It can also enhance my financial and emotional net worth.


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