Only A Woman

by Patrick Liew on March 23, 2014

Gentle, firm; tender, tough
Only a woman is good enough
In this world of adversities, without a woman
We helplessly surrender to human frailties

A woman, mother, sister, wife
Makes life a prize, takes away strife
Her true worth can find no words
She is Heaven’s angel on errands to the world

She carries upon her the mantle of charity
Of love unfailing, service to humanity
She gives of herself without hesitation
To make each day a happy occasion.

Women take many different roles,
Their worth is more than bars of gold.
A woman is a wife, a daughter, and a mother
Many times she also stands in as the father.

Despite the good that women can do
Sincere thanks they receive a few
When what women deserve is the highest veneration
For all they do with selfless dedication.

Women have fought discrimination and inequality,
In a cruel world, they have no impunity.
Stereotyped as the lesser ones
In some societies, their rights are none.

Women took the lines to fight and find,
Battling their way to prove they can survive
Their one place in society,
Even as they shine in roles many.

Today, I give tribute to the woman who brought me to life,
My mother who overcomes life’s strife.
To all mothers, we look up to you
If not for you, we may not have pushed through.

A mother is the most patient being,
Her heart is strong and giving.
Juggling home, work, and her children
She gives her best without waiting for compliment.

In their wombs, our mothers carried us,
Not minding labor pains when it was time to rush.
In childbirth, a woman’s suffering doesn’t stop,
Teaching, disciplining and cheerleading are part of her job.

A mother would impose her rules
To save her children from being a future fool.
Protecting her children is her ultimate goal,
With values and virtues, her children she would mold.

Her arms are always open for children to rest and nestle,
When life throws challenges and they have to hassle.
Not one day, a mother will turn away,
Her shoulder will be there for those who stay.

Women continue to shower the world
with acts of compassion and full of love
I salute all the women in the world
who fight for their rights,
to make the world bright.

Today, as I express my deepest gratitude to my mother,
This, I ask you to ponder:
Stop women’s violence and abuses,
Protect them, our world’s angels!

Violation and oppression cannot be part
Of a woman’s world any longer,
Let us put our acts together.
Let us rise up against the cruelties
To women from all societies.

For the sake of our mothers, daughters, sisters and women friends,
Let us ask for change; end the violence!

Today, I pay tribute to my wife, mother and godmother.
To you, my life I offer….

– Patrick Liew and a mysterious poet


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