Optimising Performance (Part 5)

by Patrick Liew on September 26, 2011

Achieving peak performance begins with having a vision. Without a vision, I do not know what I want to achieve and how I can turn it into a reality.

Envisioning the endpoint is not a one-time process but an ongoing one. I need to continue to review and improve on it.

The review should encompass all my senses. The more clearly I see, hear, feel, taste and smell my success, the easier it is for me to make it happen.

Visualisation – or the discipline of leveraging on my imagination – is one of the most powerful tools for optimizing my performance. I need to practice imagining until my vision becomes crystal clear to me.

To help me visualize my desired endpoint, I can use aide-me moirés. It can come in the form of photographs of people I model after, music, etc. I will use whatever tools are available to help me enhance my imagination.

I need to inject emotion, feeling and passion as I envision my endpoint. It will help enhance my commitment, determination and persistence. These are necessary ingredients to make things happen.

If need be, I will speak to myself – loudly, strongly, and clearly. This will remind me of my dreams and enhance my passion for it.

After I have visualized my vision, I have to visualize the changes that I need to make to myself. This will ensure that I deserve and am qualified to enjoy the new realities.

I believe that my external image to the target audience is the result of my inner image.

How I think, talk and act in the public is the outcome of the private communications I have with myself.

When the desired self-image becomes very clear in my mind, it will be easier to live it out in my life. My imagination stages the dress rehearsal for the dreams of my life.

I will also imagine the complete process for fulfilling my vision. I will pray about it and explore ways to improve the process.

I use my mind to practice my words, thoughts and actions. To make it more effective, I will imagine the process from different angles and human perspectives.

In other words, I may visualize it from the top, side, angular and other points of views. I may also review the actions from my perspective, a third party’s perspective, or an observer’s perspective.

The good news is that I can conduct this process literally at any time, any place and in many different ways. Mental practice coupled with actual practice will strengthen my mental fortitude and help me achieve unconscious competence.

As I visualize the process of achieving my vision, I will also imagine various scenarios and potential challenges.

It will prepare me to face obstacles and at the same time explore ways to overcome them. I will become more committed, confident and competent in navigating through bumps, bad weather, and even necessary detours as I travel on my journey to the desired future.

The discipline of imagining my vision and the process of turning it into a reality is a powerful tool to optimize performance. It will help me to achieve success in my life.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Question: How can we use the power of our imagination to help us improve our performance?






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