Optimising Performance (Part 6)

by Patrick Liew on September 27, 2011

In My HSR Bootcamps, one of the many principles of success we learned is focus.

Whatever I focus will expand.

This is a skill that is grossly lacking in many people today. They don’t know what to focus and even if they do, they don’t persist to make things happen. They get distracted along the way and as a result, they don’t put in their best effort.

The discipline of focus begins with knowing what to focus on. I need to not only focus on worthwhile goals, but also on how to achieve them.

In the process, I need to focus on the positive values that will help me achieve success. It includes learning and improving myself to enhance my performance and results.

To cultivate the discipline of focus, I need to learn how to relax and at the same time be alert. The ability to achieve relaxed alertness is one of the cornerstones of top performance.

The key to focusing is to limit the concentration to performance triggers. These are triggers that can be leveraged upon to achieve quantum leaps of growth and achievements.

In every project, there are a few of such triggers that we need to focus upon to help us achieve success.

In the process of performing our tasks, we need to feel that we are being stretched but at an optimal level. If we do not feel challenged, we will soon be bored. However, if we overextend ourselves, we may give up or suffer burnout.

Treat every task as a challenge on a personal level to see how you can continue to improve on the results.

Along the way, continue to learn and seek assistance in improving the results. Be willing to experiment and develop new ideas and at the same time, enjoy yourself and have fun.

Like other disciplines, focusing needs your commitment, practice, and constant improvements. When you persist, it will become a vital and integral part of your successful life.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


Question: How can we develop our focus?




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