Overcoming ‘Demons’ In Life

by Patrick Liew on August 29, 2011

I want to share with you about somebody who was close to me at one point in my life. As you read about him, you will realize why I need to withhold his real name.

So, let’s just call him Sam.

Sam was one of those who had a good brain, spoke and wrote well, and was a football star in school. You can imagine I was not the only person who admired him.

We spent many happy days together. He had a major influence on me, including inspiring me to read encyclopedias (Grandfather of the Internet), practice martial arts, and make more friends.

Sam was the first amongst friends of our generation to own a car. He was a fast-rising executive in a multinational company and was even sent to run overseas projects.

Shortly after, Sam’s life went downhill. He never recovered until today.

Sam became a drug addict.

Why did Sam get hooked with drugs?

Why did he allow drugs to take everything away from him and left him, a broken man with a wasted life?

Until today, nobody except Sam knows the answers to these and many other questions. All I know was that Sam could never kick the habit.

His life crumbled over more than twenty years.

I spent many days and nights trying to help Sam.

I have locked him up. I have chained him. I have even taken punches and kicks from him to prevent him from running back to the devil.

I saw Sam suffering through many cold turkeys. After he got over his physical dependence, he could not get over his psychological dependence.

He could never overcome the negative environmental and social influences.

Sam went in and out of rehabilitation centres.

He lost his family.

He lost his ability to work. He lost everything.

While Sam was in prison, his father passed away.

Many things changed. The world moved on and left him behind.

I have cried my heart out for Sam. My heart was torned in so many ways by him.

Even now as I write this Love Note, I can feel the pain deep in my soul.

Till today, I still try to help Sam.

I will do whatever I can to keep him alive. I pray that he will rise up again.

The last time we met, Sam told me his body was breaking down. The doctor had told him that he did not have many days left.

Frankly, I was not even sure Sam was telling me the truth anymore. I had been lied to so many times and in so many ways I was not sure I should believe him anymore.

I fear Sam’s wasted life may come to an end.



I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Please read them and continue to teach me.

Life is FUNtastic!


Question: How can we remove the vices in our lives before they become demons and destroy us?


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