Persevering To Success

by Patrick Liew on August 24, 2011

When I was in school, it was compulsory to participate in extra-curricular activities (ECA).

I was graded for my involvements in ECA. The grades would form part of the academic results.

I chose to be a long distance runner, purely and simply because I don’t have to attend regular training sessions in school.

As a long distance runner, I had to practice on my own. There were no teachers to watch over me – which makes me very happy as I like to live a carefree life then.

Still, I took time on my own to hit the road. I became so good at it that in many regional competitions, I became the best long distance runner in my school.

While I thought that this sports will allow me to live a carefree life, our Creator had other plans for me.

Through long distance running, and subsequently long distance swimming, I discovered one of the most important ingredients to achieve success – Perseverance.

Perseverance is absolutely necessary to achieve success. It is the fuel that drives champions.

Without perseverance, failure is guaranteed.

Please let me share with you how I developed the skill of perseverance.

1.       Purpose

To be successful, I must have a compelling reason to be successful. When I know why I want to achieve success and if it is compelling enough, I will persevere to achieve my goals.

I will not be distracted.

I may not even be concerned about the stress and strains along the way because I am driven by the compelling purpose of my pursuit.

2.       Pursuit

When my dream is bigger than my life, it will drive me to turn it into a reality. The price that I pay is nothing in comparison to the benefits of achieving my dream.

3.       Personality

Running a long distance starts with the race in my mind.

I must have the right attitude and aptitude to start and end well. I must have the mental toughness and resilience to be able to confront challenges and continue the journey – mile after mile – until I achieve success.

The best way to do it is to ensure that there is no turning back. I have to press on with determination, courage, and persistence.

Ultimately, persevering to success becomes an ingrained part of my personality and a habitual lifestyle.

I practice correctly because it will become easier to run the race. This is proven to be true by any long distance runner or swimmer.

My confidence will increase. I will also have more faith that I can achieve success.

Perseverance feeds on perseverance.

With time, it will become an explosive combustion that will propel me to success.

4.       Plan

As they say, “If I fail to plan, I plan to fail.” I need to keep improving on my plan, strategies, and action steps so as to persevere and achieve my dreams.

Planning is not good enough.

I need to learn how to implement the plan effectively. I need to work on it until I find the best way to achieve my goals.

5.       Preparation

The level of my achievement is determined by the level of my preparation.

To run a marathon, I need to prepare myself mentally and emotionally. I have to acquire all the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to finish the course.

6.       Partnership

Life is a team sport.

I have learned that I cannot run the race independently. I need to work with the right people and teams to achieve success.

It also means that I must avoid negative inputs from the people around me. Discouragements can come from well-intentioned people, including my loved ones, friends and colleagues.

I have made a decision long time ago when I was a long distance runner that I will persevere until I achieve success in whatever I endeavor to do in my life.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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Life is FUNtastic!


Question:  How can we persevere until we achieve success?



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