Salute To Entrepreneurs!

by Patrick Liew on August 20, 2019

Salute To Entrepreneurs!

Entrepreneurs are not necessarily people who start, own and run a businesses.

They are rebels with a worthwhile cause, and they revolt for a better frontier to create a brighter future.

Entrepreneurs are seemingly crazy people who are willing to leave behind the past, refresh their lives, and create new landscapes in the marketplace.

Entrepreneurs cannot accept an environment of mediocrity, and they do not want to live a routine, ordinary and predictable life.

Entrepreneurs are not concern about being like the rest, and that’s why they can come across as being more unreasonable than reasonable, and more abnormal than normal.

Entrepreneurs have to frequently fight through streams of people who are brain-dead, blind-followers, aimless drifters, and unchanging human rocks.

They will not allow these people to influence them and affect their results.

Entrepreneurs have a healthy dissatisfaction with the current situation, and are not rooted to any frill, fad, fetish, or fashion.

They will never assume that an accepted truth is definitely the truth.

Therefore, they are constantly challenging old and current concepts and practices, and even refuting clinically-tested theories and even widely-accepted empirical conclusions.

They defy all odds, including the odds they have created within themselves.

Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for an unbeaten track or to complete an uncompleted journey to achieve radical results.

Entrepreneurs are restless souls, and are always desiring to know the unknown and discover the undiscovered so as to expand their worldview.

They are constantly thinking about how to disrupt current patterns and look for the next breakthroughs.

While others are thinking about what’s next, entrepreneurs are studying about what’s coming after “what’s next.”

Looking ahead of the curve and around the bend to invest in the future and be future-ready.

Their mental view of the world may not be the real world.

Similarly, the “GPS” in their brains may not be the actual territory but a better territory.

The word “impossible” is not a part of their accepted lexicon.

Entrepreneurs attract those who dare to be mad, foolish, crazy, and abandoned for the sake of positive breakthroughs.

The essence of entrepreneurship is about doing the things that most people do not like to do so that you will not have to do the things that most people will have to do to stay alive and live well at a later stage in life.

Entrepreneurs clean the slate that life offers them on a regular basis and dream on that blank slate.

They build layers of plans, designs and systems on the slate so as to bring life to the dream.

In doing so, they create a brighter and better world for all of us.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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