Soaring On The Wings Of Time

by Patrick Liew on November 9, 2019

Soaring On The Wings Of Time

As you face the sunsets of your life
One question lingers and begs
How did you spend your time?
Did you soar high to taste the sweet promises of your future
Or did you sour and shrink from the pains of your past?

A father spent nineteen years overseas
In hard toil and labour
Three children to clothe and feed
To work, night and day, he thrust his hands and feet.
On the day of his homecoming
The children, now all grown, their own ways have
An empty house, decrepit and grey
And a wife had not warm food prepared.
The man of the house in outburst declared
“All heaven and earth had me betrayed.”
While the wife and the children beg forgiveness
For this, one moment of unintentional neglect
The man, welled up in hatred and anger,
Lived a solitary life instead
The wife beckons “Darling, forgive us all.”
“19 years gone, we’re no longer used having you home.”
One second of neglect, a lifetime wasted
As the man of the house
Failed to recover
From the pain of that fateful
Homecoming day.

Does your life ride
On the passage of time?
Or is your calloused heart
Chained by a bitter past?
Live the present
Dance through the tune
Of a beautiful symphony
Where past and present marry.
The gift of peace
Piece together time
With gratitude for the past
Courage for the present
And faith in the future.

Break free from the shackles
Of your past
Unload emotional baggage that weighs you down
Tis the only way to sprint to the future
Quick, steady, fast
Until you fly on the wings of time.

Contempt of the past
Condemns your future
Blurs your vision
Numbs your feelings
Dulls your senses
To the way life you must live.

To remove guilt,
Put to right the wrongs of the past
To remove resentment,
To remove hatred,
To start anew
Clear debts
Make good your obligation
Submit to restitution.
To change your life
Remove whatever blocks your path
Pave your way
To meaningful transformation
Stop carrying the baggage
Of unfinished business
Finish it!
Then set a higher goal.

Contribute positively to others
And to your environment
Be one with life
Hold the beauty of the present
Upon your heart.

Experiences from your past – good or bad
Make for an amazing tapestry
Of purpose, blessing and significance.
The past launches you
To make full use of your life
To live your present at your best
So you can spring high to an exalted future.
The past will serve as signpost
To guide your future right
To help you rise to your best nature
And live your highest calling.

Do not hate your past – embrace it
It’s the powerful propelling force
To catapult you to your ultimate destination
Do it now—carve a bright future
Let your past
Bouy you up
To a higher plane.
Although you stumbled and fell
Dust yourself off and start again
The time to live is now
Before time runs out
Before your final sunset comes
When the final pages of the Book of Life
Closes on you.
Embrace your past
Bask in the present
And look to the future with hope.
Soar on the wings of time

I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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