Stop Destroying the Trees and Plants

by Patrick Liew on February 19, 2016

Trees and plants share the same air, sunlight and water with us. They have the rights of stay on the planet as much as we do.

When we hurt them, they scream in silence. They cry not just for themselves but also for all of us.

Our loss is not just the loss of shade and shelter, food and herbs, and other wonderful gifts.

When we harm a tree or a plant, we damage part of the lungs of planet earth, a purifier of the air that keeps us alive.

Our forefathers watched over the trees and plants and looked after them for us. Then they passed the green baton to us.

It bodes well to remember that we are but custodians of the trees and plants around us.

When we dropped the green baton, we betrayed the trust of our forefathers and the good that they have done for us.

In the name of progress, we can exert our rights on the forest.

Perhaps, it’s time we realise that we don’t own the trees and plants, we look after them for our children and our children’s children.

Someday, when we wake up to the reality that we are deeply connected with every part of nature, we might have caused undue damages.

We might realise but too late that – in the words of a Cree Indian proverb – we cannot eat money.

We have acted against the generations that come after us.

We have robbed them of a part of the green blessing, without which their world will be a darker place.

When we plant, protect and preserve a tree, we leave more just a tree behind us.

We leave behind a living legacy, a symbol of hope and inspiration for a better world.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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