Suspending Orientation Activities

by Patrick Liew on August 1, 2016

While suspending orientation activities can prevent additional breaches of the rules and unacceptable activities.

However, this possible over-reaction may only be treating symptoms but not roots of bigger problems.

In addition, this unprecedented action left many key questions unanswered. If these questions are not addressed properly, it may affect credibility and good standing of a highly-admired university.

For example, why ban a project that can help students develop leadership, teamwork, and other positive values just because of some recalcitrants?

Is that how top management of the university wants to set an example and train our students on addressing current and future problems?

Why has top management not put a stop to such breaches of the rules that have been happening and growing in intensity in the recent past?

How has top management improved its whistle-blowing policy and ensured that similar behaviour and unacceptable activities would not be repeated?

What actions have been taken against the recalcitrants to ensure that they have learned from their mistakes and will not repeat them while they are still students and even after graduation?

Shouldn’t top management stand on high moral ground, take full responsibility, and apologize for lack of care, safety and security for some of the students?

Why are some of the students following instructions blindly and not helping to put an end to unacceptable activities?

If some of these students who are going to be key leaders in the future did not address major abuses, how can we count on them to address social injustices in the future?

Is there a bigger issue with the way we are potentially focusing lesser on helping students develop their character than on enhancing their knowledge, employment and employability?

Are some of the students’ behaviour a reflection of a possible degradation of moral values in our society because of many negative influences, including unhealthy influences from online and other forms of media?

Universities are key pillars of nation-building process because they help to influence the next generation of leaders in becoming moral, responsible, and productive members of our country.

As such, they should respond professionally, promptly and positively to unacceptable behaviours and ensure that they do not happen again.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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