The 9/11 Wake Up Call

by Patrick Liew on September 11, 2019

The 9/11 Wake Up Call

May the 9/11 tragedy be a wake up call for humanity.

It’s sad that humankind can rise to the highest level of love and compassion.

Yet, we can also stoop to the lowest level of hate and cruelty.

We have the capacity to create.

We also have the capability to destroy.

We are surrounded by material comforts.

Yet, we are also saturated with emotional conflicts.

We judge life by what we have rather than what we gave.

We pursue quantity of possessions but not quality of contributions.

We have a wealth of knowledge, but we still lack the wisdom to eradicate poverty.

We have advanced technology to communicate but we don’t know how to collaborate effectively to bring forth global peace.

We rape and pillage planet earth and we wonder why she does not cow in silence.

Our planet has manifested her hurts and scars through global warming, tidal waves, and earthquakes.

Yet, we sleep through the signs and signals.

We continue our march down the slippery slope to destruction.

Today, humankind stands – literally one bomb away – from the brink of decimation.

We need an awakening call like never before.

Our collective conscience must rise up – for the sake of humanity – to fight abuse, violence and evil.

Tomorrow, when the sun rises, I pray we will wake up to a new day.

A new day of love, hope and optimism.

We must stretch out our hands – not for more power or possession – but in compassion and cooperation to make our world a better home.

Together, as one human race, we need to reignite the love within ourselves so as to fulfill our destiny for greatness.

Peace and goodwill to one and all.



I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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