The Art Of How To Love And Be Loved…

by Patrick Liew on May 23, 2014

…in one Chinese word, “聽”.

It’s amazing how much wisdom you can learn in one word, a word that essentially refer to listening.

For the uninitiated, Chinese characters are made up mainly of pictograms. These images are derived from objects they denote.

Over time, these characters have been simplified. They have been depicted in a way that makes it easier to write and recognize.

The Chinese word for listening, “聽” has profound wisdom. It incorporates principles of how to love and be loved.

The calligraphic strokes begin with a “耳” which refers to ears.

When you engage anybody, listen before you speak. Show that you are interested in the other party and desire to get to know him.

Treat that person like a king (“王”). Make him feel important, appreciated, and respected.

Communicate with the other party by using not just the ears but also the eyes and heart.

In other words, apply all your senses to understand the other party and empathize with him.

The next stroke, “一” reminds you to give the other party your complete focus and attention. Your body, mind, and spirit should be present for him.

The final strokes denote a heart (“心”).

The Chinese word for love, “æ„›” is a pictogram depicting two hands giving the heart to a loved one.

Bridging and bonding with the other party is about giving your heart to him.

In the final analysis, it’s not about who you are or what you want to say. It’s about whether you love and care for the other party.

Question: How can you apply the principles of “聽” to build a positive relationship?


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