The Beauty Of Action

by Patrick Liew on March 18, 2012

The key difference between successful people and those who are not is just one word – Execution.

Execution is the ability to act on your dream and improve on your action to achieve your dream.

If you have a dream and you don’t take action, you are building castles in the air. On the other hand, if you take action but you don’t have a dream, you are running around the castles.

As a dreamer – and I hope you dream big dreams – you must also be a doer.

It is not enough to dream, you must do. It is also not enough to execute, you must excel.

Good motives must lead to motion. Movements must be improved to lead to achievements.

You must take the first step, and then another better step, and another even better step…until your dream come to pass.

The greatest failure is a failure to try. When you stop trying, failure becomes permanent.

It is the capacity of your dream, the tenacity of your faith in it, and the ability to take ever-improving action that will help you to go farther and faster to achieve your dream.



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