The Nine E’s of Leadership

by Patrick Liew on September 25, 2014

To find a worthy cause, to pursue an earnest dream;
To solemnly desire an electrifying vision; with dedication,
To chase after tomorrows much larger than today –
That is the power to ENVISION.

To be the model you want to see in this, our world;
To revolutionize the way things are;
To show the way for others to come and follow –
That is the will to EXEMPLIFY.

How does a life become ground-breaking,
Leading the way to revolutionary change,
To benefit one and all in its progressive wake?
One must ENROLL and shine with a winning team.

To enjoin others in your worthy cause, your earnest dream;
To set a standard of morality and honour;
To inspire your team towards the right direction –
That is the authority to ENTRENCH.

To strengthen your people and change their lives, their world;
To lead them towards sustainable results and impact;
To bring out the best in them towards transformation –
That is the power to EMPOWER.

How can a life trigger others toward enhanced performance,
Maximized potential and highest pursuit,
That they might live out and fulfill the commendable quest?
One must ELEVATE and shape them to become champions.

To develop leadership skills in others, to make them shine;
To make learning and improvement a part of their lives;
To help them build more and better versions of themselves –
That is the resolve to EDUCATE.

To aid others in meeting needs and carrying burdens;
To serve humbly and edify with caring and concern;
To spring from a core of love and compassion –
That is the option to ENCOURAGE.

How must a life re-create itself for a higher challenge,
Encouraging others and inspiring their own self-enlargement,
Reinventing, surrendering, transcending, triumphing?
One must EXCEL, the dream is worth achieving!

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