The Paradox of Life

by Patrick Liew on March 10, 2014

As we journey in the highway of life
we concede to its overwhelming ride
What seems to be an unending verve
We pursue each minute of pleasure on earth

And while we ride the crest of youth
Each fiber exhilarate the pursuit of truth
Make us forget the life we live
Is but a fleeting moment in the sea

Men dream and strive for what seem right
Persevere in and win their fights
Bitter truth, no wealth nor accolade
Can bear one beyond the grave undecayed

At the bar’s crossing when we leave
Our dreams and aspirations will stop indeed
No one can linger minute long or minute less
Before our eyes, truth unveils the rest

Those which we counted will not count
For what imprints is how much we amount
What truly matters is not made of matter
But what became of us hereafter

It’s not about our abilities and circumstance
Recognition and position are of no importance
Compared to how characters come out from the mould
Of compassion, integrity and respect it hold

True treasures are those that outlast our lifetime
Real pleasures come from service not appearing on primetime
What will matter is not what is missed
But how one is missed.

In the sands of time life must be lived
Not forward but backward in time perceived
Will we leave our mark for a better world?
Or be forgotten and left untold?

We are our Creator’s work and He leaves us to decide
What manner of men we ought to be inside
Is it someone who lived for others selflessly?
One whose riches he collects in eternity?

There is no mystery in the paradox of life
From losing ourselves, we find
Trappings that bind
And lift us to a higher plane in life.

– Patrick Liew and a mysterious poet


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