To The Management and Staff of SMRT – Thank You!

by Patrick Liew on August 16, 2019

To The Management and Staff of SMRT – Thank You!

Whether we are focusing on ranting or contributing ideas to help SMRT improve its safety and service standards, let’s focus on resolving problems and not on being personal.

Helping SMRT to improve performance and not on abusing personalities.

My heart goes out to many of the employees in SMRT.

They are generally working hard to manage and operate the trains and other related systems.

It is particularly hard to do their jobs when the eyes of senior management, regulators and other stakeholders, and the public are watching them closely.

These workers are mostly conscientious and responsible people.

They are working in good faith to uphold a safe and convenient traveling experience for us.

Earn a living to support their families and other loved ones.

And do their parts in contributing to the economy and society.

I am confident that they are doing everything possible to keep the rail systems safe, stable, secure and sustainable.

Many of them are prepared to face great risks to maintain and improve the systems.

Past experiences has shown that some of these workers can run the risk of being hurt and suffer major injuries.

Many of them have to work around the clock.

They may work on unpopular shifts and odd hours so that we can travel well and conveniently.

Work all alone and under challenging conditions.

Be on a standby mode in case of an emergency.

Operationally-ready to respond to a call for action.

Many of them may miss their families.

In many homes today, a child is pining for her father to return.

“A few more hours more,” assured her mother, “Daddy has to work.”

Another child is on the phone with his mother, “Mummy, please come home to me.”

Whether we are regular commuters or otherwise, we may take many of the benefits and values that we enjoy on a daily basis for granted.

Let’s always be mindful that while we are going about our daily chores, these workers are laboring away for us.

In some remote corners, many workers are working in difficult conditions to protect the rail systems and facilities.

They check, test, and ensure that different parts of the systems are operating properly and smoothly.

These workers are some of the unsung heroes that we may never know and perhaps will never meet in our lifetime.

Let’s be grateful and thankful for them.

Let’s show our appreciation to them for what they are doing for us.

Let’s treat them well and with dignity.

In this regard, I’m confident that fellow Singaporeans will rise up to be a model to current and future generations.

We will show our compassion, generosity, and kindness to these workers.

In doing so, we demonstrate our first world spirit.

As we look after them, we are paying it back for our forefathers who toiled and labored in our land.

By extending our kindness, friendships and assistance to these workers, we are also paying it forward.

We are also doing it for the sake of our children and children’s children, the workforce of the future.

We also helping to fulfill the hope that our forefathers had when they struggled to our
shores to eke out a living.

As we support both locals and foreigners in SMRT and other organisations supporting our people, we are helping to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

To the management and staff of SMRT, kudos to you. Keep pressing on.

Thank you one and all!


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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