Touching People At The Heart Level

by Patrick Liew on July 4, 2011

I went for a sales call with a member of My HSR Family. Along the way, I shared with him one of the key selling skills.

As a real estate agent, I make sure I know my clients at the deepest level. Very importantly, I must know their needs and requirements thoroughly.

It will help me provide the best possible solution. In addition, my clients will prefer to work with me because I understand and care for them much better than my competitors.

This is also the beginning of developing a strong relationship with my client. My goal is to turn all my clients into ‘freehold’ friends, serving them over the next three generations.

However, clients will try not to reveal the complete truth to me. They may even lie to me for purposes best known to themselves.

To understand my clients, I need to be very sensitive and to offer them my tender loving care. I will do everything possible to make them like me.

I need to earn their trust and eventually win their respect, affection and loyalty.

My clients are like onions.

I need to patiently, gently and wisely communicate with them. I need to peel off layers after layers of their fears, concerns and anxieties until I reach their hearts.

When I know the pleasure they seek and the pain they hope to avoid in meeting their real estate needs, I will be in the best position to serve them and meet their needs. I can help them achieve the best results.

Over the years, I am happy and proud to say many of my clients have become my friends. They have come back to me again and again when they need real estate services.

I want to have more of such clients. The satisfaction of serving them will spur me to achieve better results.


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