What An Honour…

by Patrick Liew on March 28, 2014

…to take a photograph with Mr Koh Hee Huat.

It was unfortunate that Mr Koh was caught in the centre of an Internet storm recently. He was criticized insensitively about his working T-shirt having a hole.

When I was at the stall, it was not difficult to imagine his T-shirt being easily teared by various metal objects around the stall.

I could tell he was an unassuming man who worked very hard in his job.

Mr Koh made an honest living to support his mother and family, including a daughter who is continuing her studies at a polytechnic.

It was sad to read from the press that he was disturbed and hurt by the uncalled-for comment. He was even contemplating to resign from his job.

When I was at the stall, I tried to encourage him by telling him that he should never give up. There were many people standing behind him and cheering him on.

I told him that he reminded me of my father. People of his generation made great sacrifices to provide for their loved ones and put food on the table.

They are some of the unsung heroes that help to build our beloved country. A son of the soil that is worthy of our respect.

Mr Koh, don’t give up. You have earned the right to stand tall and be proud of yourself. 加油!



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