Without Mr Lee Kuan Yew, There Will Not Be A Thriving Singapore

by Patrick Liew on August 25, 2014

I grew up during the hard times, a period of turmoil and civil unrest in the history of Singapore.

I am a living witness of the harm that communists and other dissidents did to the nation. At one point, they had enormous power in their hands and were not afraid to use them on the street.

They could have destroyed us just like what many toxic leaders have done to their countries.

Mr Lee came on the political scene and he and his team did not have much power and other resources. Life was tough for them and for that matter, all of us.

It took a man of courage and intelligence to turn the tide. An iron hand to restore stability and engineer growth for our economy and society.

It took a strong leader to galvanize the energy of our people and channel it to build Singapore into one of the most admired countries in the world.

While Mr Lee may not be perfect, his contributions far surpassed the leaders of his time.

He put together a great team and it
speaks volume of his vision and leadership competence.

Together with the other great leaders, he led a little red dot, comprising mainly of migrant and uneducated stock. There were low fiscal reserves and hardly any natural resources. They turned Singapore into one of the most developed and livable countries.

Singapore’s miraculous transformation from a third world- to a first- world country is a testament of their planning abilities, execution, and perseverance.

Me Lee made many sacrifices for our nation. He is respected by many people all over the world, including other great leaders and politicians.

You can read about the tributes to Mr Lee by the Who’s Who in the world of leadership @ http://liewinspiration.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/please-pray-for-mr-lee-kuan-yew/

If you travel all over the world, you will realise that Singapore is widely admired and modeled after. Leaders from many parts of the planet travel to Singapore to live, work, learn, play, and to learn from the Singapore Way.

For that, we should be thankful to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Mr Lee was a man of our time and he led us out of the pits.

I can’t think of another leader that could do the same for us.

Although political power is prone to abuse, Singapore has largely escaped from corruption and detriments of an inefficient government.

My friends and I are so grateful and thankful for what this great man did for all of us.

We have decided to commission Brad Blaze, a renown entertainer cum artist in Australia to craft a portrait of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

The painting will be auctioned together with two other Brad Blaze paintings. The total proceeds will be donated to Reach Community Services Society to help finance the opening of two new Charity Centres.

I pray that Mr Lee will continue to have good health. May he find joy, peace, and fulfilment in his life.


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