Challenging The System

by Patrick Liew on March 6, 2017

While our leaders have done well to encourage critical and contrarian views in recent times, they have to face and resolve
major challenges and take proactive actions to strengthen the ecosystem.

Many of our leaders were drawn from a few segments of society and they have been working either together or as parts of a relatively well-designed system.

Such an experience can promote better relationship and teamwork.

However, it may also breed a negative sense of familiarity and convergence of thought processes.

There may also be a tendency to keep others with different and conflicting views on the sideline or out of the group.

Moreover, our new generation of leaders has to operate within a relatively well-established culture and system.

A culture that has been shaped by highly-regarded leaders over a reasonably long period.

In the past, our leaders were not known; real or perceived, for communicating fears and failures and for encouraging critiques and contentions.

The new leaders have grown up as witnesses, participants and beneficiaries of a strong rate of growth and achievements.

They may be mindful that what works in the past may not work in the future. However, it’s challenging to break a well-working system, and develop a new model to chart a new direction.

As nobody has a monopoly of wisdom and to overcome ingrained thoughts and conventional tides, our leaders should continue to engage target audiences and solicit feedback from the public.

Encourage appropriate experts and stakeholders to raise necessary objections and help improve the system.

If necessary, assign competent devil’s advocates to challenge proposed policies, plans and initiatives.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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