4. The Lee Family’s Saga -What Would Mr & Mrs Lee Kuan Yew Have Done?

by Patrick Liew on June 20, 2017

Now that the dirty linen has been hung for the world to see, Mr and Mrs Lee would be deeply saddened by the saga.

However, I’m sure they would never let their egos, self-pride, self-interests, and feelings get the better of them.

They would drag (if they have to) all related parties together and behind closed doors.

The first thing that Mr & Mrs Lee would do is to knock their heads (to rephrase what Mr Lee Kuan Yew was known to say).

The knocking would continue until they cleared their minds and unleashed their senses and sensibilities.

As pragmatic leaders, they would find a way to achieve a win-win-win outcome for the family and for the country.

Then, a press conference would be convened to announce to the world that the saga had been duly resolved.

The key protagonists would have all shaken hands and decided to continue to work on maintaining and improving the win-win-win outcome.

Mr & Mrs Lee would probably ask the authorities to accede to their wishes for 38 Oxley Road.

However, they would have accepted that the laws of the country should supersede their personal will and wishes.

The final decision about what to do with their house would not please every Singaporean.

But once the decision had been made, every Singaporean should close ranks as one united people to make the most out of the decision.

As Mr & Mrs Lee had spent a major part of their lives sacrificing for Singapore and serving our people, they would turn the saga into something beautiful for Singaporean and all of us.

They would proudly announce to the world that this saga does not show a dark side of Singapore.

In fact, the saga would show that Singapore is an exceptional country.

The legacy, that they and their generation had so painstakingly fought for, has continued to thrive in our shiny little red dot.

Think about it.

Singapore is a country where we have a clean government and we uphold integrity of the legal system.

Singapore is a country where anybody can stand up and speak up for their honour, integrity and reputation.

Singapore is a country where one and all can access different channels, including the social media, to air their grievances.

If need be, they can redress any real and perceived injustice through mediation, arbitration, and courts of law.

Singapore is a country where even the Prime Minister and other leaders have to go through proper procedures to clear their names.

Singapore is a country where there is a growing number of people who do care for the country, leaders, state of affairs, and future.

Singapore is a country that will not bow or bend to controversies, conflicts, and other challenges.

We will go and grow through the worst of crises to achieve peace, prosperity and progress for our nation.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, once again, my family and I would like to say a big Thank You to our Founding Father for all that he, his wife and his team had done and achieved for all of us.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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