by Patrick Liew on August 19, 2019

Transforming Your Business For Explosive Growth (2)

Over the years I’ve had the honour to play a major role in many business competitions.

At different events, I’ve been an organizer, a judge, a facilitator, a coach, a trainer, and a mentor or a “tor-mentor.”

These events were organized for a wide range of people.

They involved the young and old, novice and experienced, and local and international entrepreneurs.

As part of a judging panel, there would always be a discussion on what were the qualities that made a good entrepreneur and how should we pick the top entrepreneurs.

In addition to these questions, I have always thought about how great entrepreneurs became great entrepreneurs, and what differentiated them from the others.

In my quest for answers, I went back to the roots of the word, entrepreneur.

I found that throughout history there were observable hallmarks of entrepreneurship.

Right from the beginning of time, our Creator has established entrepreneurship as one of the natural order of life.

As humans, we are to look after “the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” (Gen 1:26 NIV)

1. Enterprising Mindset and Behavior

In other words, we are commissioned to look after and improve the state of the people, animals, economy and the environment.

This requires an enterprising mindset and behavior.

In other words, a mindset and behavior that constantly look out for achieving ever more good with ever less resources and if possible, with no resources.

1. Entrepreneurial Qualities

To be an entrepreneur, we need to exercise entrepreneurial leadership and cultivate the values of courage, creativity and innovation, discipline, learning, tenacity, and ongoing improvements.

We need to take initiatives to make things happen and achieve stable, secure and sustainable results.

1. Die For A Cause

One of the earliest uses of the word “entrepreneur” occurred during the 16th century in France.

Entrepreneurs were referred to as mercenary leaders who formed bands of renegade soldiers to serve the rich and famous.

They were described as “hardy, usurping and intent to risk their lives and fortunes.”

Great entrepreneurs have an electrifying and infectious passion.

They are willing to even die for a cause and because of that, there are few things in the world that can hold them back on their way to success.

1. Passion Unlimited

In the 17th century, the French referred to an entrepreneur as “entreprendre,” a person who undertook an important task or project.

The equivalent of the term in English was probably “undertaker.”

I do not think the people of old were referring to a person who managed a funeral. Still, there were some truths to it.

The enterpreneur needs to bury any mental limitation that hold him back.

Live above any physical and emotional restrictions to persevere on the high road of entrepreneurship.

1. Discipline Of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is first and foremost a cultivated mindset.

People who own and run their own businesses may not necessarily be entrepreneurs.

They may not practice the discipline of entrepreneurship to achieve ever-growing improvements and successes.

For example, a person who runs a shop selling household products and services without making any major changes and improvements on a constant basis is not exhibiting any salient features of entrepreneurship.

On the other hand, many employees and self-employed are entrepreneurs.

They have the mindsets and disciplines of entrepreneurship and more importantly, they act on them to achieve growing results.

1. Value-Addition – A Key To Success

There are also many economists that have argued that some bankers, financial investors, and other so called white collar professionals, including pseudo branding and investment trainers are not entrepreneurs.

At best, they facilitate capital flow.

And provide the means for entrepreneurs to value-add to their customers and market.

There are also pseudo entrepreneurs or counter-entrepreneurs who erode values rather than value-add to their customers. Many of them are just con men under the guise of being an entrepreneur.

Instead of value-adding to their stakeholders and targeted markets, they destroy values and cause damages to the business ecosystem.

Some of these fallouts unfortunately can only be felt in the future.

Unfortunately, that’s one of the causes for the financial crisis that eventually triggered the global economic crisis.

Entrepreneurs should serve a high calling and support worthwhile causes. They should value-add to people, animals, society and the environment.

Many entrepreneurs have talked about or even taught value-creation, value-transformation, and value-addition but they have no understanding of how to implement these three totally different concepts to serve their targeted customers and markets.

Creating and delivering values should be a holistic, balanced and well calibrated process.

If there’s any interest, I’m happy to write a long-winded posting about the importance of values in the business world.

1. Death To Status Quo

Great entrepreneurs are people who do not merely accept current situations.

They are willing to bury the past so as to design a better future.

They seek to disrupt current patterns and create the next breakthroughs.

While others are thinking about what’s next, they are deliberating about what’s coming after “what’s next.”

They are looking ahead of the curve and around the bend to be future-ready and take actions for the future.

They are not unduly concern about being like the other people.

That’s why they can come across as being more unreasonable than reasonable, and abnormal than normal.

1. Reinventing Yourself – Constantly

Great entrepreneurs are dream-chasers, value-multipliers, and world-changers.

They are restless souls, always desiring to know the unknown and discover the undiscovered so as to expand their worldview and improve their entrepreneurial roadmaps.

They undertake to recreate themselves rigorously, relentlessly, and unrelentingly.

Think constantly of new outlooks and ways to not only serve humankind but also reshape the world for a higher level of achievements.

And seek to influence others and change the way they think, speak, act, work, and even the way they live.

1. “Nothing-Is-Impossible” Paradigm

Entrepreneurs will not accept “impossible” as part of their working lexicon.

They set new records and chart new directions.

Undertake to create a world that has never existed before.

How can you be such an “undertaker”?


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

By the way, I have also recorded other reflections.

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