6. Report of the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) – Developing Deep Skills

by Patrick Liew on February 15, 2017

To help workers stay relevant and effective in the new economy, we need to better define the meaning of deep skills and how workers can develop these skills on an ongoing basis.

Acquisition and utilization of knowledge and expertise is predicated upon self-learning.
Therefore, we should focus not only on what we can do for workers and how we can transfer content knowledge to them.

We should also help them develop joy for learning, passion for learning how to learn, and discipline to be self-directed learners throughout their lifetime.

They should know how to learn on their own and apply evolving knowledge and skills to have a stable, secure and sustainable career.

As we come to grips with disruptive forces, it’s important to train workers to develop a wide range of meta skills.

Meta skills are skills for higher-order thinking and these skills can help workers improve their cognitive and emotional processes, strengths and growth.
These skills can also be cross-fertilized and be built upon to help them develop other skills in response to changing requirements in the workplaces

Meta skills include metacognitive and fluid intelligence skills, creativity and innovative skills, self-regulation skills, leadership and persuasion skills, high-touch and aesthetic skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, financial literacy skills, and giving back skills.

In the new economy, we cannot train our people just for a specific job or career.
We need to help workers inculcate different knowledge and skills to succeed in multiple careers and at different organisations and locations in the new world.

To develop such deep skills, we should educate our people from young and in schools and workplaces.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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