A Return To The Roots

by Patrick Liew on May 5, 2014

Didn’t notice the years
That sapped his strength
That turned his hair grey
That dulled his eyes
That made his lips quiver
That made his face pale.

His eloquence gone
His thoughts on a stupor
His head hung low
He stoops down in sorrow.

While you were rushing off
He was slowing down
While you were busy living
His life was slowly receding.

Once strong and quick legs
Now take slow and feeble steps.
Having lived a life well shared
He now faces his final sunset.

Shall you let your old man
Face the travail of aging alone?
Left in the cold and deafening silence
Of an empty room, disowned?

So many of our elderly
Fade away from our memory
Faceless among the crowd
They are unsung heroes.

Once they were strong pillars
That made life comfortable
By the sweat of their brows
They fuelled the economy for the good of all.

Now age and illness overcome
Their sharp wits and strength
But do stay awhile and listen
They come with nuggets of wisdom.

No education can be higher
Than what our elderly can spare
Far from the books or school lessons
Their rich experience is our great teacher.

When it’s your turn to face life’s sunset
How would you like to be treated?
Would you not wish for the warm company
Of good friends and family?

Treat your elderly with respect
When finally their bodies
Relinquish to illness and death
Never leave them alone in utter disregard and neglect.

Treat your elderly with dignity
Value their contribution to your life
Without them, there would be no you
Give them each day a big “Thank you!”

The cycle of life is such
That your children will soon be
In your same situation now
Caring for you – the elderly

By loving, respecting, dignifying your elderly
You are planting the seeds of love
In the hearts of your children
So they shall do unto you what you have done
To your beloved parents.

How wonderful life can be
If we all respect the elderly
While new branches grow in our family tree
Without the roots, none shall be.

A well-loved elderly
Defines a mature, charitable community
So spare a moment, show you care
Though you may not gain worldly riches doing so
You shall have blessed your posterity
by the good example you show.

– Patrick Liew and an anonymous poet


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