A Tribute To Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

by Patrick Liew on March 28, 2015

I stand all amazed
At the life he lived for me
I tremble in awe
At the way he cared for me
My leader, my advocate
My champion, my hero
His bequest – our nation
To live and die for, to the end.

His monument stands, mighty and proud!
A tiny red dot
Revered in foreign lands
Every breath of fresh air,
Every drop of water,
Every morsel of food,
Every shelter above our heads
Bear the mark of his sacrifices
The work of his very own hands.

From a people of no history
He gave us our identity
Notwithstanding our lack of resources
He saw and harnessed our many strengths
A government untarnished
A country to do business with ease
People who come together as one
Different descents but not dissenting
Proudly Singaporeans!

A man of wisdom and courage
Who wielded an iron hand
To restore order from chaos
A man of vision
Who engineered the path
To lasting transformation.
A man of power
Who resisted the tempter’s snare
A man of pure heart
Free of personal ambition
His eye single to the glory
And the good of the nation.

He learned from the past
Lived ever in the present
And hedged up the way to secure a bright future.
Not one to greed after
Control and power
He spent the last years of his mortal sojourn
Mentoring, educating,
Shaping minds, inspiring
Assuring a succession
Of great leaders
Upon whose lives his legacy
Of serving the people
Shall live on.

My head hangs low
My eyes well up in tears
My heart ache in pain
For such unspeakable loss.

My personal hero
To whom my privileged life I owe.
A leader like him
Is a rare gem
A special spirit
That comes only once
In a long while.

Now he departs
From this earthly station
We will miss his presence
But not for long.

Til we meet again, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew
But while we yet
Through the mortal veil pass,
We vow to take care of Singapore,
Your legacy to us.

We shall make our flag fly
Proudly and passionately
We shall be the kind of people
Shaped by your example.

We shall hold you in our hearts
And our remembrances
For a debt of gratitude
We can never repay
Rather deeply honoured
Until the end of days.

Fare thee well, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew
We love you, we salute you!


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