Appreciating Music

by Patrick Liew on June 26, 2011

While driving back from Malaysia, I played one of Tsai Chin’s CD.

Tsai Chin rose to fame during the 1970’s. She is not only one of my favourite Chinese singers but also of thousands of her fans all over the world.

Tsai Chin’s concerts are not well known for having spectacular back-up singers and musicians, or having an elaborate environment.

Tsai Chin hardly even dance. She may sway but very gently to her music.

Mostly, she will just stand and sing.

And what a beautiful voice she has. With her melodious voice, she can transport me to another world.

Tsai Chin sings mostly the ‘oldies’. I hate to say it – because it may make me sound old – there are no songs or lyrics quite like the ones from time past.

Obviously, the new generation of music is also wonderful. It also adds a different dimension to my life.

I simply love music!

Music brightens up my life. It will always dance with me throughout my life.


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