Be Happy To Give Money Away.

by Patrick Liew on April 3, 2014

I asked one of my mentees, “Who is more important? The partner who finances the business or the guy who runs the business?”

This is an important question because many people have come complaining to me, “I have been working very hard on the business. My partners only came out with the money and it’s not a lot of money anyway.

“Why should I look after them?”

To me, the most important stakeholders are the partners who finance my business. Without their capital; regardless of the amount, I cannot even start or run the business effectively.

I not only believe in it, I will also make it a top priority to repay the capital that my partners have injected into the business.

Then, I will work very hard to earn more more money for them.

Moreover, I will be very happy to pay a generous dividend to all my partners on a regular basis.

I look forward to paying more and more money to them even as I am running the business.

These are the same principles that my team and I have always taught more 20,000 students that we trained every year in our charity organisation.

I told my mentee, “It shows your gratefulness and appreciation for your partners’ investment and more importantly, their trust in you.”

Then, I asked him a series of rhetorical questions, “When you need more capital to grow the business, will your partners continue to invest in you?

“Will they invite their contacts to invest in you?

“Will your good reputation and track record help you to raise more funds to take your business to a higher level?”

I then posed another leading question to him, “If you don’t look after your investors, how much more difficult will it be to raise money for your business?

“Worse, when you have built up a negative image, how will you be able to clean it up, bearing in mind that the world is increasingly becoming smaller and smaller?”

What do you think?


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