Becoming A Learning Nation

by Patrick Liew on December 29, 2016

Many developed countries such as the US have a longer legacy of entrepreneurship and innovation, backed by rich natural resources.

They also have a greater depth of experience and skill set to tap from because of their larger population, supported by net brain drain over the years.

Historically, Singapore’s educational system is largely influenced by the human capital model and seek to produce workers to support economic blueprint and growth.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why many multinational companies invest with us because we are good workers for the industrial and even the Information Age.

Moving forward, our appropriately-educated young have what it takes to capitalise on the disruptive future.

However, the people from the baby boomer generation and even Gen X’ers may have to take calculated risks and move out of their comfort zones to catch up with the times.

Besides offering SkillsFuture Credit to these potentially vulnerable workers, we have to encourage them to continue to re-skill and retool themselves to pioneer new breakthroughs, businesses, markets and opportunities.

For example, let’s looking into setting up a Learning Management System (LMS) on a national level to motivate, coach and guide Singaporeans on their lifelong learning journey and to improve learning outcomes and results.

After the Committee of Future Economy has published its report, I trust that the Authorities would continue to foster more collaborations by leveraging resources from the public, private and people sectors.

We need to balance top-down initiatives with more bottom-up and peer-to-peer initiatives to shape and influence the ecosystem to support a learning nation of dream-chasers, value-multipliers, change-makers, and world-beaters.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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