Becoming A Self-Directed Learner – Part 5: Physical Learning Environment

by Patrick Liew on January 26, 2014

Self-directed learners know how to plan for and manage their physical learning environment.

They re-organise and improve on it so that it will meet their needs and requirements. It will support them to improve their learning performance and outcomes.

That’s why it’s important to help your children find a place that is suitable for their learning process.

Restructure it so that it will become more effective in enhancing learning performance and outcome.

For example, choose the right furniture, book shelves, colour theme and interior decoration because they
have an effect on learning results.

Identify potential obstacles to effective learning.

They can be person-centric such as personal anxiety, health, or stress.

It can also be due to the surroundings such as distracting noise, smell or material.

Obstacles can also be related to a learning task such as not having the right material, tool and other learning resource.

It can also be linked to a situation such as taking a test, doing a homework, being bullied in school, or facing a difficult challenge.

As a parent, you can brainstorm with your children on how to overcome learning obstacles.

You can evaluate possibilities on how to improve focus on their studies.

It is also important to explore with your children on how to address external learning environment that are not conducive to learning.

They must know how to address issues and raise them in the right way. They must also know how to seek help from the right teacher, classmate, or other relevant personnel.

In cases where they cannot change the physical environment, they need to know how to change themselves and their response to it.

They have to learn how to adapt themselves and be able to learn in any environment and under any situation.

If your children can master the use of the physical environment, they can become a better self-directed learner. They are able to survive and succeed through whatever changes in life.


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