Becoming An Enlightened Entrepreneur

by Patrick Liew on August 3, 2011

I believe one of the best ways to change the world is through education.

In my own small little ways, I feel very blessed that I have contributed in this area.

I am grateful that an ordinary person like me from a small country has been used to train people from all over the world.

I am thankful that people from different nations, cultures, and backgrounds have provided different inputs to my learning and growing experience. They have made my life more meaningful, exciting, and fulfilling.

I have given keynote addresses in international conferences. I have also taught in seminars and workshops, and provided personal coaching to individuals.

I was probably the first person in the world to develop an online multimedia e-learning programme on entrepreneurship. In total, I must have taught people from more than 60 countries.

I have taught people from developed countries, including USA, Japan, UK and Australia.

I am particularly excited whenever I have a chance to share with fellow-learners from emerging economies such as Kazakhstan, Timor Leste, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, and India. Their hunger for learning made me more desperate to improve myself.

Teaching is a humbling experience for me.

I have always felt that I have not learned enough of the subject material. There are so much more knowledge, skills, and wisdom to acquire.

Many of the participants were also more qualified than me in terms of education and experience.

I can tell you about a leader in one of my classes who had 300,000 people in his organization. Another participant once told me, “I am leading about 40,000 people.”

I salute these leaders because they believe in lifelong learning. They take every effort to register for training programmes and to learn at every given opportunity.

I would always begin a training programme by sharing with the participants that I was a fellow-student. I would be learning from them.

At the end of the programme, I would always feel I have learned from the class and became a better and wiser person.

These experiences motivated me to continue to teach because I believe teaching is one of the best forms of learning.

Amongst all the training programmes I have created, what really excited me was conducting residential bootcamps for leaders. I have many exciting experiences that will stick in my mind until the end of my life.

Whenever I think about them, it would give me a sense of pride and joy. It would make me a happier person.

My dream is to inspire a new generation of ‘Enlightened Entrepreneurs.’ They will do well and do good at the same time, all the time.

These Enlightened Entrepreneurs aim to enhance four bottomlines: Spiritual (Purpose), Financial (Profit), Social (People), and Environmental (Planet) bottomlines.

Together, we will help others live a better life and make our world a better home.


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