Building A Homeland Together

by Patrick Liew on October 8, 2014

What does it take to build a homeland?
How does one cultivate a nation?
A people proactive and cooperating,
Politically educated and astute,
Connecting, collaborating, co-creating,
Building lives on their own,
Taking pride as a people.

What is needed to strengthen a country?
How does one harness a citizenry?
Ownership over national affairs,
A bigger stake in the national future,
A sense of belonging and participation
Towards unity, quality of life and progress.

What does it take to activate a people?
How does one claim a destiny?
A consensual and accommodating culture
Where acceptance rises over differences;
A community of affection and support,
Helping the last person on the ground.

Take a piece of thread, and
Weave our own contribution
To the fabric of a strong society
Without idleness and entitlement
Because the best way to pave our destiny
Is through active citizenry.


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