Changing Habits

by Patrick Liew on July 13, 2011

I have always loved coffee for as long as I can remember.

Since young, I could not start a day right without coffee and I mixed it with condensed milk. You need to be 200 years old like me to know what condensed milk is.   :o)

It is a gooey stuff with milk and 10,000% of sugar.   :o)

As society became more affluent, I drank coffee with milk and sugar. Later, I joined the ‘3-in-1’ coffee craze.

In my quest to live a healthier life, I learned that sugar was not good for me.

I decided to stop drinking coffee with sugar. It took me awhile before I learned to enjoy my sugar-free ‘cuppa’.

It was then, I understood why coffee connoisseurs would never drink coffee with sugar.

Recently, I consulted a dietitian. I made an important discovery – coffeemate is also bad for health.

I decided to have my daily coffee infusion without coffeemate.

It took me many cups of coffee before I learned to enjoy my ‘kopi-O’ or ‘kopi-kosong’ – coffee without sugar and milk or coffeemate.

I am enjoying a cup of coffee as I wrote this note.

When I reflected on my coffee-drinking and many other habits, I realized that every deeply-ingrained habit can be changed.

They say, “First we make our habits, then our habits make us.”

Habits determine our personality. Our personality determines our destiny.

Let’s formed and improved on our positive habits. Habits that will propel us to ever-better positions in life.



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