Dancing With Life

by Patrick Liew on November 14, 2014

The morning breaks
With the sun’s warm glow
That kisses your cheeks
And paints your world mellow

A new life bestowed
A new day borrowed
A blessing worth counting
Until tomorrow

Listen, the rooster crows
Listen, the bird sings
Listen, the wind blows
Listen, the world hears

Tree tops that sway
To the dance of life
Colours so vibrant
They come alive.

Life is a gift
Live it!

Tread upon this earth
With a soul to serve
Walk on in life
With happiness to share.

You are a magnum opus
A great masterpiece
Though rough in the edges now
Perfection is your crown.

Look into the mirror and see
A prince, not a frog
A divine destiny
Live to claim today
The privilege to be
Someone of a worthy calling
Someone the Father wants you to be.

Talents, skills, intelligence and health
Heaven has endowed you with these wealth
Use them to serve and lift another
Use them to make someone
Breathe a little better.

For what is life
If not lived with purpose?
For what use is a light
When in darkness it is hidden?

Wake up, be grateful
Find someone to help today
Cheer up, be of goodwill
Make someone feel glad today.

Tomorrow may be gone
Today may be your last
Life may finally reach
Its expiry date.

So improve yourself,
Reach out
Influence others for good
Live life to the full today.


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Life is FUNtastic!


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