Doing Different Things Differently

by Patrick Liew on July 9, 2011

One morning I put on my cufflinks quickly and rushed out of the house.

Later, I discovered they were not a matching pair. For just awhile I felt very conscious.

Fortunately, both of the cufflinks were made of silver. They looked matching even though they were made of different designs.

I’ve learned long ago, ‘If you take yourself too seriously, nobody will take you seriously.’ I cannot have fun too.

I decided there’s no need to be sensitive. Nobody would mind. And at the end of the day, guess what? Nobody did.

In any case, I was prepared for an answer.

Every now and then, I need to do different things differently – as long as it is not negative of course.

I need to challenge myself to leave my comfort zone and change my daily routines. I need to move into unfamiliar territory every now and then.

By doing that, I am exercising my change muscles. I’m forcing myself to think out of the box and see things differently.

I want to push even the smallest envelope. By doing that, I’m preparing myself for breakthrough results.

So, have you been walking on the left side all the time? Why not try the right side for a change.



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