Dominant Party or Multiple-Party Political System?

by Patrick Liew on January 31, 2017

There’s no concrete evidence to show that either a dominant party or a multiple-party political system is a better solution for resolving sociopolitical challenges.

In addition, there’s no proof that one system is better than the other in governing a country. Both systems can bring about good or for that matter, harm to a country.

The argument that having a multiple-party political system can provide better checks and balances is a flawed argument.

Checks and balances by irresponsible or ineffective leaders can cause unnecessary checkmates and imbalances.

They can cause unnecessary bickerings, policy myopias, populist tendencies, and short-termisms and these problems have afflicted many developed countries.

Moving forward, we need to continue to develop and evolve a political system that serves our best interests and is responsive to changing landscapes.

We certainly don’t need to model after western democracies and believe that they are applicable to our situation and will secure our best future.

In the final analysis, it’s the people in the government that makes the government and political system work.

In this regard, we have to ensure that politicians from both ruling and opposition parties will never take a populist approach and such an approach has been adopted by many political leaders in even developed countries.

Our political leaders should not pander to the wishes of the masses and compromise on socio-economic currency in exchange for political currency and short term gains for long term growth.

We need politicians who have the wisdom to know how to communicate the downsides that come with every policy and that the consequences of implementing a policy may not benefit everybody.

They should have the courage to even motivate the people to take bitter medicine for their- and the country’s greater good.


I hope this message will find a place in your heart.

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